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Welcome to Larissa Minner's Speaking page! 

Larissa is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and consultant, collaborating with organizations like the Autism Society of Texas, Autism Society of America, Milestones, PayPal, the University of Texas, Disability Rights Texas, and SAFE Alliance. She has developed programming and educational materials, spreading crucial information about neurodivergence. Larissa has spoken at national and local conferences, been on international vodcasts and podcasts, and been a panelist numerous times. 

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"You really helped me understand that concept & how it applies to me & others."

[V, Audience Member]

"I didn't want it to end."

[Allison, Audience Member]

"I really enjoyed the show. I really was able to relate to what was talked about."

[Sarah, Audience Member]

Please note that Larissa believes in delivering tailored speaking services, so this means the cost will vary but will be discussed and agreed upon prior to booking Larissa Minner. 

Speaking: Virtual and In-Person (In-person availability is based on Larissa's schedule and specific event features including location.) 

Keynote speaking:

Keynote Topics Include:

Fostering Neuro-Affirming Environments: 

How to be Your Best Advocate:

Unlocking Potential: Embracing Neurodiversity 

Various topics related to autism, disability, and neurodivergence 

Educational Lectures, Webinars, In-Depth Speaking (Available topics include but are not limited to): 

Preventing Neurodivergent Burnout: Fostering Neuro-Affirming Environments:

Preventing Autistic Burnout: 

Incorporating Neuro-Inclusion in Your Healthcare Practice, Organization, or Business  

AFAB (Assigned Female at Birth)/Autistic Women, Autism, and Additional Types of Neurodivergence:

Communicating with Diverse Neurotypes:

Other Topics Include But Are Not Limited To*: 


Masking and Camouflaging:

Managing Burnout and Mental Well-being in Neurodivergent Individuals 

Executive Function: 

Imposter Syndrome: 

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: 

Internalized Ableism in Autistic Individuals:

Effective Allyship

Supporting Neurodivergent Individuals

Prejudice and Stigma Reduction: 


Understanding Attention Dynamics in Autism and ADHD

Self-advocacy Strategies 

*Please note that all of the above topics take a neuro-affirming approach and acknowledge societal and social factors to common challenges. 

"Your videos will make their lives better. Please keep making content! I’m surrounded by

friends’ kids, relatives, and even a few co-workers. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about

how we can all communicate better since the late 90s. That’s why I love your videos! Even after all of

this time, you were still able to educate me.”

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To book Larissa Minner for a speaking engagement or to inquire about a specific topic not listed above, please reach out to Larissa's team using the contact information provided. Larissa looks forward to the opportunity to educate and empower your audience.