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Check out my Gumroad page for more infographics and fillable worksheets! Click on the above link icon to go to my Gumroad page.*5hwngi*_ga*MTY2NzkwNTE3Ny4xNjg1ODA3MTgy*_ga_6LJN6D94N6*MTY4NjA3NDEzMS40LjEuMTY4NjA3NDEzNC4wLjAuMA.

Disability education in texas schools. Reduce unconscious biases: Legislation for education on disability in the public school curriculum can improve children's lives in the present as well as in the future. 15% of students were in special education, nationwide, in 2020-2021. Stigma in schools: research shows that in schools, children off face stigmatization, social exclusion, victimization, long-term effects of stigma, and negative attitudes from non-disabled peers.  The price of biases: adults with disabilities face increased: healthcare inequity, poverty,  and unemployment. Research suggests attitudes and biases are factors in these hardships. 1 in 4 Texan adults has a disability (CDC, 2020). Research shows increasing disability knowledge: increases acceptance and positive attitudes toward disability. Decreases self-stigma in children with disabilities, most effective with inclusive school contact. Early education is key: research recommends: focus on similarities, focus on importance of inclusion, utilizing social and emotional learning programs, providing teachers with professional development training. Introduce legislation to: integrate evidence-based disability education into the public school system.