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Neurodivergent Advocate, Speaker, Consultant, and Researcher 

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Hi, welcome! My name is Larissa Minner (she/they). As an AuDHDer (Autistic ADHDer), with multiple disabilities, I'm passionate about fostering accessible and neuro-affirming environments within organizations. With dynamic speaking and a wealth of knowledge, I strive to equip neurodivergent individuals with the tools they need for success.

Looking to create a more accessible and neuro-affirming environment? Seeking strategies for success? Let's make it happen!

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"Larissa masterfully shared her story with just the right amount of detail that made us feel like we were there. "

[Client from Safe Austin]

"We are impressed with Larissa's background and experience with autism."

[Cindy Lentz, MSc Creative Director, Research Coordinator]

"I saw Larissa Minner present at a conference and I was so impressed by her content that I reached out to AUTISM ADVOCACY Parenting Magazine and suggested they reach out to her to have her write an article." 

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Presented at:

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Trainings and presentations for Pay Pal (through the Autism Society of Texas/AST)

Additionally, been a Panelist on 4 panels for AST 

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Autism Society of America (Town Hall Panelist)

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The Autism Outreach Podcast

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